Resolve to Revolutionize My Life

This is it. This is the one. This is the day when everything changes: You will make and save more money today than ever before. You will lose that last (or first) pound toward then next ten. You will find a meaningful hobby. You will volunteer in a way that changes lives. You will rehab your home, add a new shirt to your warn out wardrobe, and even start reading War & Peace.

This is the day that you climb the mountain of apathy, plant the flag of determination and take a stance of self-assurance.

This is your day and nothing will change your mind. You will set your sail, stay the course and find new adventures over every horizon.

Or…you won’t.  You might just stay the same…or worse.

You might make less money and spend it foolishly. You might blow up like a human balloon because you can’t control your eating and your emotions. You might spend your whole day like a sloth; no hobby, no meaningful service, or no home repairs. If you’re lucky, you just might sit around in Cheetos-stained t-shirts watching reruns of Happy Days wishing you were as cool as the Fonz.

Instead of blazing new trails, you can’t even mow your own yard. Instead of leading the charge into a life of adventure, you cuddle under your Harry Potter Snuggie in the dark of night.

This is it.  This is your day. It can go either way. What will you select?

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