Do you remember the greatest story you ever heard?
Did it make you laugh? Did it make you cry? Did it challenge your beliefs? Did it change your opinion? Did it move you to action?
A great story can do all this and so much more.
Let me tell a story to you…and better yet, let me help you tell your story.

The Power of a Great Story

The best stories leave you thinking. They challenge your heart and your mind.

The fact that I’m a story-teller is no accident. It didn’t just happen by chance. Through years of practice and by intentionally honing the skills required to tell a great tale, I’ve learned that a well-told story can challenge a large audience to action. It can alter the outcome of a difficult business decision. It can change the entire direction of a relationship: A great story told with humor and truth can make all the difference.

Here are a few examples of some amazing stories I’ve had the privilege to tell: STORY LINKS.

What Others Are Saying

Telling a story is easy. Telling a moving, wistful, passionate story which touches the heart and the head takes hard work and great talent. Curt Austin tells such tales. He spins a story that will have you laugh and, at times, cry. If you are looking for someone who speaks with heart, conviction, and excellence, I encourage you to look to Curt Austin.

Dr. David Mullens
Curt Austin served with me as Associate Pastor during some very exciting times at the College Avenue Church near the Ball State University campus. He brought professionalism, vision, and a preaching style enhanced with excellent storytelling. He was a great partner in ministry with other special gifts as an artist, developing friends that he has to this day, humor, and an outgoing energy that inspired others, but it was probably his storytelling that was most impressive where all of his gifts seemed to merge in powerful ways. His ability to paint pictures with his words and stories was inspiring to the campus, the congregation, the leaders, and staff.  You will learn a lot from Curt about telling stories, and you will enjoy it while you do!
Dr. Herb Buwalda
United Methodist clergy, retired


Curt is a terrific story-teller.  He intuitively grasps a story’s “big idea” as well as its emotional essence, so that in communicating it, he not only features the story’s theme, but also the heart behind it.  His natural sense of timing accentuates his art; his use of pauses, repetition, emphasis, and lingering paints a vivid audio picture. Curt’s comfort being in front of others puts his listeners at ease and invites them into the experience. He is passionate about good stories and the power of good story-telling. He’s a go-to guy for me when I need a story told!

Jeff Unruh
Pastor of Worship Arts & Communications