Curt Austin is prolific writer, known for his thoughtful insights and humorous observations. Curt has over four decades of experience with creative writing and public speaking. His prior written work can be found in multiple blogs, including:

Drifting Through Dysautonomia

The Philippians 4.6 Life

My Bookshelf

Grace Church Sicily

Austin’s Acre Blog


Pondering Passages

AWARD WINNING? Yes! His short story work placed 3rd in the Short Short Story Competition for Writer’s Digest.

PUBLISHED AUTHOR? Of course! Soil of our Soul is Lenten Devotional and exciting collaborative effort by Curt and his close friend Dr. David Mullens. The two have also created several years worth of YouTube videos in which they discuss the Psalms.

SMART? Not so much. Attending Ball State University in the days when they would let nearly anyone on campus, it took Curt 5 years to earn his Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in printmaking, a degree that took most people 3 to 4 years!

HOLY MAN? Well, he tries. He received his Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary and was ordained in the United Methodist Church. Curt served congregations in the Muncie and Fort Wayne areas until 1999, when he left the pulpit ministry. He continued ministry in his local church, writing dramatic presentations and video scripts (check out White Board Gospel), serving as a creative communicator to children’s ministries, and presenting monologues to the local congregation. He currently pays his bills by working as a VA HSR&D Research Project Specialist supporting Indianapolis and San Francisco VA locations.

Curt is passionate about his family, his dogs, birding, cooking, photography and art, and his backyard sanctuary.

You can learn more about Curt by visiting his LinkedIn profile or Instragram feed.



  1. Curt we really want to thank you for setting up our computer for us it is working better today after it got everything down loaded thanks again for taking the time to get it going for us

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