Resolve to Revolutionize My Life

This is it. This is the one. This is the day when everything changes: You will make and save more money today than ever before. You will lose that last (or first) pound toward then next ten. You will find a meaningful hobby. You will volunteer in a way that changes lives. You will rehab your home, add a new shirt to your warn out wardrobe, and even start reading War & Peace. Continue reading “Resolve to Revolutionize My Life”

1000-Foot View

You’ve heard the phrase and you’ve probably said it yourself:  “Can’t see the forest for the trees“. And, if your life is anything like my own, it is often so very true. We examine the situation, we study the problem, we analyze the issue, but the closer we look the less we see a solution. We can’t think about the bigger picture because we’re so worried about the details of the problem.

You know the solution. You know the answer. Take a step back. Continue reading “1000-Foot View”

Obfuscate; to render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.

You’ve seen it before. The facts and figures tell one story but the spin doctors tell another. The officer’s radar gun reports one speed but the driver is convinced it was much lower than that and has several good reasons why it cannot be correct. Some might call it a lie.  Others might say it’s nothing more than fudging the numbers. Whatever you call it in your day-to-day life, it is nothing more than obfuscation.

When the truth is hard to swallow… Continue reading “Obfuscate; to render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.”


There are a few places in my life that bring deep peace to my heart and soul.  They are spaces where I find comfort and ease. Some of these sanctuaries of solace include the obvious locations: The church of my youth and a local chapel I visit from time to time.

Others are more obscure: McGregor Park, Turkey Run State Park, The Rocky Mountains, The Library. But one haven of healing stands out above all others.

Of all my precious asylums, our abode is my favorite. Continue reading “GRACE HOUSE”

Getting Organized

We all need to be better organized. We lose track of our schedule, forget to pay bills, change the oil at 4,000 miles and fail to remember birthdays.

We’ve tried daily planners.

We’ve mastered the to-dos.

We’ve used stickies.

We’ve filled white-boards.

All to no avail. Continue reading “Getting Organized”

Getting To My Roots

Every so often, a person must look back into their past and evaluate who they are, from where they come, and perhaps the source of their genetic material. While I have no documentation to prove it, I believe I have a little Scot in my blood. I base this on the fact that I love the movie, Braveheart and look pretty good in a Kilt. Continue reading “Getting To My Roots”

Slow It Down

Warp SpeedHere’s the plan: Stop going so fast. Stop thinking about your next move. Stop looking forward without considering your current location.

It’s hard not to respond immediately to emails and telephone messages and texts. It’s hard not to flow with traffic on the interstate when it’s flying along at 75 miles per hour. It’s hard not to go fast. It’s hard to go slow. Continue reading “Slow It Down”

Thank Yoo, Mr. Z.

A friend of the family and the best science teacher I've ever had.
A friend of the family and the best science teacher I’ve ever had.

I don’t think I ever sent the letter. If I had, I doubt that it would be in my collection of important memorabilia. But at some point in my educational career, I wrote a note to a teacher that changed my life. In it, I thanked him for his advice concerning my spelling. But in reality, he gave me so much more.

I don’t remember his giving me this advice but given the state of my spelling in 6th grade (and to this day), I assume this interaction took place…frequently. Continue reading “Thank Yoo, Mr. Z.”

A Priest, A Minister, and a Drunk Walk Into Paradise

paneraTrue story: I was sitting in a local Paradise Bakery working on my laptop. A local priest took a seat one table over and got out his laptop to work on his own project. A woman came in, spread her coat across a chairback a few tables away and started talking on her cell phone…very loudly.

As an aside, I’m not sure why people think that their conversations are private when they talk at full volume in public places…but this woman seemed to be unaware that every word was broadcast for all to hear. Continue reading “A Priest, A Minister, and a Drunk Walk Into Paradise”

Changing History

It’s not uncommon for us to be interested in our legacy, and truthfully, I often wonder about the mark I will leave on this planet when I’m gone. We want to stand out. We want to make a difference. We want to be unique. We want to be known for something.

But the truth is, you are only one of the 7-BILLION people living on the planet today. A 2011 estimate suggests that at least 107-billion people have populated this planet over the course of all recorded time. Of those, only a rare few made it into the pages of your 5th-grade history book.

TIME Magazine ranked the top 100 historically significant people of all time. I was not surprised to see… Continue reading “Changing History”