1000-Foot View

You’ve heard the phrase and you’ve probably said it yourself:  “Can’t see the forest for the trees“. And, if your life is anything like my own, it is often so very true. We examine the situation, we study the problem, we analyze the issue, but the closer we look the less we see a solution. We can’t think about the bigger picture because we’re so worried about the details of the problem.

You know the solution. You know the answer. Take a step back. In fact, take about 1,000 steps back. Get the bigger picture. Take in the wider view. Climb the mountain and look down, removed from the situation and free from the entanglements of the problem. Look at the slopes, experience the wind on your face, celebrate the light brightly shining above the canopy of the forest that often shades the decaying detritus and duff.

The next time you find you are without an answer, the next time you struggle for a solution, take a walk above the tree line. Step up the slopes. Hike the heights. Mount the mountains. I’m convinced it will give you a better view and just might lead to a solution to that problem you face.

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