An Unsolved Mystery

My wife and I took a trip last year to visit the Grand Canyon and Mt. Zion National Parks. Along the way back to Phoenix, we stopped to view some ancient Indian ruins. One of the points of interest was a blowhole. At this location, are rushes in or out, depending on the time of day and the weather conditions.

What is fascinating about this hole-in-the-ground is that no one knows what is beneath. Researchers estimate that various caverns are feeding the wind. These caves might be as large as 50 miles long and 165 feet by 165 feet in diameter, no one knows for sure. There isn’t a scientist, a geologist, a mathematician, or engineer who can say with certainty what causes the hole to blow or what is under that opening in the earth.

I love that. So often we think we have to have all of life’s answers. We have to be the masters of knowledge. We can’t go very long without filling in the blanks.

But the Arizona Blowholes, along with so many other things in our lives, remain a mystery. We can feel the wind pushing out of the ground without knowing from where it blows. It is reassuring that God knows the truth. I don’t need to worry about it.

As is a truth in my life; in the midst of dark, hidden spaces of my concerns and my worries, I am confident that God knows which way the wind will blow.  Even though I may not ever be able to plumb the cavernous depths beneath my days, God knows every crook and cranny.

I’m so very grateful that I don’t have to concern myself with the source of the wind that blows. I only need to tell God my concerns and celebrate his knowledge of the mysteries that surround me.

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