On the Water’s Edge

We live near Morse Reservoir in Indiana. Our neighborhood surrounds one small section of this 1500 acre lake. From our home, we can walk to a good fishing spot or to the clubhouse beach where we can swim in the warm green water. In the spring we enjoy hot air balloons sailing quietly overhead as they try to get a good glimpse of the sparkling surface. In the summer we hear speedboats powering across the lake pulling people on tubes and skis.

Living near the lake, this is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The Canadian Geese begin practicing their flying in preparation for their journey back north. Every morning and evening we enjoy hundreds of geese honking and crying to one another as they soar over our home, their wings flapping in practiced rhythm. Occasionally they fly quite low, just skimming the rooftops of the neighborhood in a perfect V-formation, the air rushing over their wings creating an impressive jet engine sound.

The waters of Morse represent life and the northbound geese are its ambassadors. They declare the beginning of a new year and the never-ending circle of life.

I am so very grateful for our home’s location, the waters of Mores, and especially the geese.

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