Good Friends Are Hard To Find

Dave and I have been friends since 1987 and over the years we’ve developed a holiday tradition. We’ve had a long-standing commitment to gather our families together during the New Year’s Holiday. But this year it didn’t happen. I went to bed on New Year’s eve feeling sick and woke up feeling even worse. So we didn’t go to their house as planned.

We didn’t get to work on our traditional puzzle or watch our traditional football together. We didn’t gorge ourselves on cookies and ham. We didn’t laugh until we cried or play guitar hero until our fingers were sore.

This year, my good friend and his wife had to celebrate without us. And it just wasn’t the same. We’ll see one another very soon…I’m committed to that, but the separation has gone on too long.

Good friends are a rare thing in my life. I have lots of friendships but I can count on one hand those who have stood with me through thick and thin, over the years, despite space and time. Dave is one of those. We’ve known one another for nearly 30-years and in that time we have become closer than brothers. He gets me, and I get him.  And yet, we still like one another!

Today, I’m grateful for my good, dear friend. I cannot wait to see his face again.

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