I Wait

Dear God,

The morning dawns and I am awake. My eyes remain shut, the room remains dark, but my mind is alert to every sound. I listen, now, for your voice. I wait to hear you call my name. I wait to hear your words of love. I wait to know your desire for my day, my heart, my life. I wait.

The day moves on, from traffic to meetings, from telephone calls to home. Busy people fly by. Their lives intersect mine for a brief moment and they are gone. They simply tumble across my path, as golden leaves tossed by cool fall breezes. But in the busy crowd, I look for your face. I wait to see your eyes in my neighbor. I long to witness your presence in my friends. I hope to see the reflection of your character in my children. I wait.

The night comes, and with it rest. The pillow envelops my weary head. I close my eyes. My breathing slows. I pray now for your peace. With every breath, I await its coming. As every thought passes from my mind and every worry releases from my heart, I give you thanks. And I sleep. AMEN.


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