A Morning Prayer

Dear God,

This morning, we turn our face to the rising sun and allow the light to warm our cheeks, its glow to loosens our joints. It is a gift that gives new life. It is a welcome sight, peaking through the clouds, rising over the horizon. How thankful we are for the light.

And with sunlight comes a new day. A day which offers both hope and challenge. The dawn brings us face to face with decisions that we must make, some that are mundain and others life-changing. And even in the early morning light, we don’t often know which one is which.

So we pray to you for wisdom. We turn our hearts to you and pray for strength. We pray for your presence in our day, that you will light our path and guide our steps. We pray that the decisions we make will take us along your straight path and bring peace and healing to our lives, each and every step. AMEN & AMEN.


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