Getting To My Roots

Every so often, a person must look back into their past and evaluate who they are, from where they come, and perhaps the source of their genetic material. While I have no documentation to prove it, I believe I have a little Scot in my blood. I base this on the fact that I love the movie, Braveheart and look pretty good in a Kilt.

Where do you get your DNA? What is the root of your personality? Are you somber and stern or lovable and filled with laughter? Are you tall and strong or short and frail? Are you bookish or artistic? Are you introverted or the life of the party?

Perhaps a better question: How has life’s experience shaped you? Are you more like Uncle Fred, the drunken jailbird or Aunt Edith the prim and proper church lady? Do you walk like your father and cuss like your mother? Are you the best of your family line? Are you last in your family line?

It doesn’t make you “less-than” to know your history, no matter the dirt you may uncover. In fact, knowing from where you come can give you strength and purpose to face the future.

Be proud of your heritage. Own your history. It’s made you who you are today…for good or bad.

P.S.  And if you have the legs for it, slip on a Kilt…It’s most liberating!

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