Slow It Down

Warp SpeedHere’s the plan: Stop going so fast. Stop thinking about your next move. Stop looking forward without considering your current location.

It’s hard not to respond immediately to emails and telephone messages and texts. It’s hard not to flow with traffic on the interstate when it’s flying along at 75 miles per hour. It’s hard not to go fast. It’s hard to go slow.

But I’m convinced that this is the answer to many of life’s most difficult questions.

What if we drove the speed limit instead of ensuring we are always in the fast lane? What if we made supper in a stove instead of a microwave? What if we plant seeds now for a summer garden and watch them grow or a maple sapling, anticipating a canopy of shade decades from now? What if we sit and watch a sunrise or sunset from beginning to end?

It’s hard to go slow.  But that’s my plan this week.  I’m going to take my time, eat slow, drive slow, live slow.

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