I have a small group of friends that meets regularly to share life’s journey together. We study, pray, cry, and laugh together. We met last night for the New Year’s Celebration. We played games, ate food, and started discussing deep and meaningful topics, like New Years’ Resolutions.

I learned a lot about this group I call friends. Some of the members refused to make any list at all. They knew they would not keep their resolutions and prevented failure by maintaining no record. One gentleman found success, year after year by making the same resolution. “I resolve not to give anything up for Lent.” The depth of his sould moved us.

I am a list-maker. I like to make lists. There is no finer list than the New Years’ Resolution List! By making a list of resolutions, I learn a little more about myself with each passing year. One year I made a list that was three pages long. Unfortunately, I do not believe I was faithful to any of the resolutions on that particular list. One year I made a list with one resolution: Write my wife’s grandmother. It was a simple item. I vowed to write to her in the nursing home at least once a week. And I remained faithful to that promise nearly the entire year. In the process, I found a new friend and felt good about myself at the same time. It was a Win-Win.

This year, I have two items on my list. First, I want to write more. I want to write in my blog, church curiculum, stories, skits, and prayers. I want to become a writer and the best way to start is to write. So I have one blog under my belt in the Lord’s Year 2007. Only 364 more to go!

The second resolution is to be healthy. This is a rather broad goal and I have several sub-lists under it: Eat better, go to the dentist, walk the dog, lower my cholesterol, lose weight, etc. But the bottom line is that I want to walk upright and have most of my teeth when I’m eighty years old. So, I decided I’d better start now.

What is on your list? Send it to me, would you? I would love to know your goals for the New Year…unless your list is something like, “I resolve not to be run over by a milk truck”. That is one that you can send to my small group friend.

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