DAY 272 – Raise the Dead

WOW was last night WINDY!!! I made the mistake of hanging some wind chimes outside our bedroom window a few weeks ago. Until last night, they were a gentle reminder of the great out doors. But the 45 mph winds that blew up led me to believe we were in a church tower!

The patio table blew over. The bells were ringing. The trees were swaying to and fro. The bells were ringing. The flag was flying. The bells just kept ringing. In the morning when I finally climbed out of bed (not when I woke up because that had been several hours before) I couldn’t believe how tired I was. Then I remembered the stupid wind chime.

Please understand that this is one of those big gonging chimes. It isn’t a little tinkling decoration. This puppy has heart. It doesn’t clink. It bangs and bongs.

I was so happy when I came home and found Quasimodo’s play thing hanging in the garage, away from the whipping fall winds. Now for a good night’s sleep.

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