DAY 249 – A Trip Down Memory Lane

We pulled out an old year book and I found this page. Cindy Butt (far left), Heather Hinshaw (center) and Kelli Elder (far right) provided spirit during our high school basketball games.

Heather was my friend since elementary school and that friendship survived many years.

In second grade we played together on the playground. In an effort to impress my friends, I called her “Heather Henshit”. This childish name hurt her deeply. Never one to hold back her feelings, Heather let me know how painful my words had been. I was mortified that I could hurt my friend with thoughtless words. Thankfully, she forgave me and we resumed our play.

Later, in high school we played together in the band. She played her flute and I played my french horn. We sang together in show choir. I was the base for her lift in New York, New York (a rousing tribute to America).

Heather never ceased to amaze me. She could type 100 words per minute on an electric type writer and could could play piano like no one I’d ever heard before (really fast). She was talented, smart, funny and just a little irreverent. Okay…a lot irreverent.

Several years after high school, Anita and I were married and living in Ball State Student Housing. Heather brought her first-born to our apartment and I held this precious little girl in my arms. Tears filled my eyes. She was just as beautiful as her mother.

After college, we all went our separate ways. Every so often I see Heather’s mother and I catch up with the events of her life. Heather is a grandmother now!

But this picture did more than send me for a stroll down memory lane. This picture reminded me of the many people in my life who helped shape me. They helped me become who I am today and I’ve never fully thanked them. School mates, church friends, neighbors and co-workers have all taught me something. They’ve all changed me in one way or another.

Heather, Cindy and Kelly each taught me something over the years.
Rick, David & Mac teach me something every time we are together.
Chris & Jenny, Andy & Judy, Raith & Sarena offer new insights into my soul with each visit.
Tracy, Mike, Tilden and Dee helped shape me into who I am today.

To each of these and so many more, I say Thank You.

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