DAY 137

How about these two beauties?

Wednesday is always a big day. Youth group makes for a long evening. We have a child with a license but she can’t yet have riders so we are still driving to the church, dropping the youngest off and picking up after a couple hours.

What made this night different is that we went to Frye’s Electronics to look at flat-screen TV’s. I didn’t say we were buying. Just looking. We’ll finish the front room, save 6 months worth of money, pay off our credit cards, and buy a new car before the flat-screen becomes a reality in our home. But they are fun to look at.

In the process of browsing the shelves, warm with the electric glow of Television Heaven, I ran into a friend from high school. Tony and I graduated in 1982 from Monroe Central Junior-Senior High School. What a blast to see someone who was so old and fat that he didn’t even recognize me.

My favorite story about Tony (and I think there are many) is when he, Doug, Greg and some others were egging cars in town. As the policeman attempted to chase them down, he kept running ahead of the police and yelling at the top of his lungs, “RUNNNN! RUN Doug! RUN DOUG MILLS! RUN!!! RUN DOUG MILLS!!”

Needless to say, the police were waiting at Doug Mills’ home when he arrived later that evening.

At least that’s how I heard the story.

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