DAY 79

Something about this sign strikes me as funny. It is posted on the elevator and I laugh every time I see it. I had to snap a shot with my cell phone.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a light like this for our lives? There are so many situations when a light like this would come in handy. I assume that the help that is on the way is qualified to help with the situation (a elevator repair man for this one).

Flat tire on the side of the highway? The light starts flashing, a mechanic is coming. You can relax.

High tax bill?
Dog doo on your carpet?
Gained 35 lbs?
Crabgrass in your yard?
Flooded basement?
Not ready for HD TV?
Wrong paint color in your living room?
You bought 5W30 for your car and it takes 10W40?
Nothing but Decaf coffee in the pantry?
You ate at McDonald’s 3 times this week?
Uncle Steve came to visit and hasn’t left for 7 days?
Gastric upset due to eating onions for lunch?
No Rugby on TV?

Yes…a flashing light could come in handy.

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