DAY 70

I know this is cheating. I just didn’t have the energy to take a picture today. So this is a picture of our cast from some play we did in high school. Interestingly, no one can remember the name. We’ve discussed it on Facebook and we all come up blank or with a dozen potential titles. Even more interesting is that I’m a Facebook friends with 14 of these folks.

I left early to have tires put on the old van. Emily and I dropped it off at Walmart and walked across the way to Steak ‘n’ Shake for breakfast. We returned to watch them finish up the tires (that would have been a great shot). After paying, we drove to Habig’s to check on my daughter’s application. She wants to work at the garden/yard supply store this summer. She would be great at it. From there, we drove to find a place that would align my tires but no one was open. So, in an effort to kill an hour, we drove around. Emily drove, actually.

After a while we passed a 5/3 Bank and stopped in to open an account for my daughter. Once this was done, we were back on the road.

EVENTUALLY, we got home. I spent some time talking to my neighbors that I’d not seen for a while. The spring thaw always puts everyone back out in their front yards and chatting season begins again.

I fell asleep at 4:15 and woke in time to head off to our small group meeting. Have I told you how much I love those folks? It really is amazing that we have such a variety of backgrounds, careers, family situations, parenting styles and yet, we still laugh until we’re in tears. We know each other’s hearts and it is beautiful. I can’t imagine life without them.

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