DAY 67

It has been a busy time for the Austin family. Ben is in “The Music Man, Jr.” as Mayor Shinn. They are currently practicing 6 days a week. He comes home and eats like a ravenous dog, does any home work remaining from his day, plays guitar, lifts weights, hits his Facebook and then hits the hay.

This is how we found him last night (Tuesday) at 9:00 p.m. He was out cold on his bed, fully clothed, with his cell phone in his hand.

Tonight, the kids had youth group. I like it when they can go and have fun with their friends, sing and laugh. The interesting thing is that their program is unlike anything I ever worked on.

When I was doing youth ministry, I thought I was really something if I had 30 kids show up in a night. This program has 300 kids show up. That’s almost bigger than my entire high school. I can’t even believe it and we’ve been here 9 years. But it has energy and it has creativity and it has depth. I’m happy for the kids. It has made a huge impact in their lives…more than any musical ever will.

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