DAY 66

The bus ride gives me plenty of time to ponder, sleep, or read. Once on the bus, I find a seat. I settle in, brush my teeth and shave. Sure, I get a few stares but they talk on their cell phones and I don’t let it bother me. Then I settle in to read. Right now I take a few moments to read a chapter of Proverbs. Each day brings new insight.

For instance, today’s passage explains that the wise will inherit honor (Proverbs 3:35a). I like to understand what I read so I like to research words that might be important to the passage. For example, Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (which I carry with me everywhere I go) states that honor means “to be heavy”. But I doubt it means “to be heavy” as in “the fatter you are, the wiser you are”. I know a lot of fat people and some of them are very dense (and I don’t mean thick…well, yes I do but not in the BMI index sense of the word).

So, I thought about this passage all day. There was a time in college when I read the Psalms and Proverbs every day in an effort to gain wisdom. I was on a search for wisdom and knowledge and thought this might be a good place to start. I read and studied each day. I pondered. I meditated. I prayed. And then I flunked 3 classes in one semester. Something wasn’t working.

So I read. I studied. I pondered. I meditated and prayed some more and then I married my wife…the best thing that’s ever happened to me. So you see, it does work after all.

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