DAY 58

Yes, I know this is cheating. I’m suppose to take a picture every day but hey. With the first day on the job, I just couldn’t find a good time to whip out my camera and ask everyone to say “CHEEEESEE!”.

So this is a picture of one of the best dogs in the whole world, Nomi. I’m there, too. I think this was taken my Freshman year of college.

So, about my first day. Let me just say, wow. Perhaps I didn’t stress it enough. WOW!

I found a great parking spot because I don’t have a parking sticker on my car and pretty much can go anywhere I want. That will change soon.

I think I met 3,274 people today. I remember the names of two.

I have no computer access (top secret clearance has not been granted).

I do have a badge with my picture on it. I would have scanned this and shown you this shot but I think this would have violated several security codes and I would have ended up in Guatanamo Bay.

I learned that I am a WOC (Work Without Compensation) which was a little unnerving until I realized I’m an IUPUI employee housed in the VA Hospital. Then I felt better.

I was finger printed. This was the first time for me. Everything is digital. I am somewhat competitive (okay…a lot competitive) and I was determined that I would not have to have the ink smeared on my hands. Several people told me how they were unable to complete the digital prints because it was so hard. I only had to repeat one finger. I chastised that finger later in the day when we were alone.

Other than the drive down and back, the day flew by. Can’t wait to tell you about tomorrow!

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