Reaching the World

It isn’t easy to write blogs that touch everyone. I know this. It is a burden I bear. I hear from people (no, not the voices in my head) and they comment on some of the posts. Actually, they criticize some of the posts. Okay, they criticize most of the posts.

But here is the cool thing: Despite my critics and through and advancement of technology and Google Analytics, I am now able to see how many people from around the globe are accessing my blogs, reading my work, looking at my pictures and sending all those nasty comments.

Here is the breakdown of visitors and their country of origin since December 15, 2008:

1480 Visits from the United States.
57 from France.

6 from Canada (probably because I watched a Blue Jay’s game and filled out a survey).

4 from Spain.

Tied with 3 visits each – Indonesia, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom, Brazil, Egypt & China (seriously).

Tied with 2 visits each – Malaysia, Chili, Singapore, India, Portugal and Belgium (I drink their beer).

Tied with 1 visit each – The Netherlands, Argentina, Iran, Ireland, Russia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Poland, South Korea, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, Estonia, Austria, Germany and Japan.

As visitors to my site, some of these nations are obvious. I mean, Bangladesh and the United States? I expected that. But some of them are quite surprising. China? Russia? Iran? I swear, there are no hidden government secrets encrypted in my 0293072098930999 blogs.

But my real point is this: WHERE is a representation from North Korea? How about Kenya? Why isn’t anyone visiting Austin’s Acre from Norway? Why are these countries and so many more, missing the Austin’s Acre Boat? AND why are the people of these oppressed countries being kept from visiting a site that the rest of the world enjoys?

I really don’t know. But I have a solution. In the future, I intend to write stories and take pictures that will interest ALL people of the world. These blogs will inform and entertain everyone, not just a chosen few.

So, get ready Iceland. Your sun is about to rise. Prepare yourself, Cuba. This cigar is for you. Hang in there, Mexico. This next blog will warm the burritos of your heart.

And for the rest of you – Keep reading. You might just find something 003-11K-L93′ interesting.

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