The Clock is Running

I have just a few days remaining at the lawfirm. And as I prepare to leave, I have several questions that remain unaswered. Perhaps someone can help me with these…

1. Is it okay to take all the pens in my desk drawer? Except the blue ones. I never used the blue ones.
2. Can I come back if I don’t like where I’m going?
3. Does anyone want that projection unit or can I have it?
4. How long do I have to wait before I can write blogs about this place?
5. Can we establish a limit on the number of times you can call and ask for my help with something I use to do?
6. Do I get residual checks for any of the cases I helped set up?
7. Is it right for people to be checking out my office furniture before I leave?
8. Can I bring in some of my old clothes and store them in that space in the back closet?
9. My kids need a sitter on Thursdays. Can I drop them off on my way to my new job and pick them up on the way home?
10. Will you call me the next time you all order pizza? I already miss the large meat-lover’s with extra cheese.

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