DAY 22

We live in a well-established neighborhood. The homes are about 30 years old. As with any neighborhood, the home owners change frequently. Because of this frequent turn-over, getting to know your neighbors can be quite a task.

Tonight was a nice opportunity to meet some new people and develop deeper relationships with others.

We shared a progressive dinner with 11 of our nearest neighbors. No one lives more than 4 houses away and yet, I honestly can say that for many of them, I barely knew them.

Three hours later, I can say the same thing…but now I know their names and a little more about their humor, their employment, and their families. It was a wonderful evening.

We started for appetizers at Jeff and Donna’s home. We moved to our house for chili and hot dogs. We finished up at the Corman’s for dessert that still makes my mouth water.

It was a wonderful evening and I’m looking forward to our next get-together.

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