Tubing on Prairie Creek

We went out on my brother-in-law’s boat yesterday. Perfect day. Lots of fun. The kids jumped on a tube and were pulled around the lake. Late in the afternoon, the water became quite choppy. Good waves mean a rough ride for the kids – they loved it.

After being tossed off several times, my daughter and youngest son, determined to stay on the raft. Before the boat throttled up, they devised a plan. Laying on their stomachs, they had woven their arms and grasped opposite hand-holds. They were united in their purpose. They were committed to their cause. They would ride the waves, each adding their own strength to the other, extending the ride and increasing the fun.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. With every crashing wave, they came out of the other side with smiles plastered on their faces. Their confidence grew and they began to sing! What a wonderful example of unity in the face of difficulty.

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