I Have a Hole in my Hip

I stretched out on the cold, metal table. The doctor pulled out a needle the length of my arm and said, “This won’t hurt a bit.” We all got a laugh out of that one. Then he stuck it in my leg, all the way down to my hip socket, pumped in some contrast material and proudly proclaimed, “Wow! I got more in there then I thought I would!” I was proud of him.

After they pealed my fingers from the indintations in the stainless steel table, they wheeled me down to MRI.

I’ve only been in an MRI one other time. There’s something about it that is so very comforting. It might be the tight space or the rhythmic booming – just like being in mother’s womb. Both times I have fallen asleep. I got a nice hour nap this afternoon. I just wish we didn’t have that MRI of me sucking my thumb!


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