Saying Goodbye

After 89 long years of life, Granny Fern’s heart finally gave out. The nurses came in and found her in bed, the covers pulled up to her chin. She appeared to be asleep. Her face had a peaceful expression.

Her funeral was well attended by many loving family and friends. Tears flowed freely as all said a fond farewell. Warm embraces of support and care were shared and encouraging words were whispered.

Granny was no saint but she was faithful to God and her family. She raised two children, and served as matriarch for five grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren. She lived long enough to bury two husbands and survive a dozen years of stroke rehabilitation. She was a tough old bird and no one would doubt it.

She could be sharp as a tack and just as painful. Her words were as quick as her wit and she wasted no time expressing her feelings about Christmas presents, her wardrobe, sporting events, and nursing home food.

She could also be gentle as a dove and faithful as a collie. She loved her family and was fiercely devoted to both living and dead. She came from and left a large, loving family. Her survivors are a testimony to her loyalty. Their consistent love and care for one another is a statement of her dedication to them.

I will miss Granny. I will miss seeing her take my children’s faces in her palms and smile deeply into their eyes. I will miss the touch of her thin hands and kissing her warm forehead. I will miss her humor and her tears.

Despite my personal sorrow, I’m truly happy for Granny. Today, she no longer needs a walker or wheel chair; she is walking on new legs that are strong and sure. Today, she no longer is dependant on a nursing home or family member to meet her basic needs. She is secure in the presence of God. Today, her hands no longer shake and her breathing is no longer shallow. Today, she breathes deep the grace of God.


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