A Brother’s Passion

John 1:35-42 “The first thing Andrew did was to find his brother Simon and tell him, ‘We have found the Messiah’ (that is, the Christ). And he brought him to Jesus.”

Last week I ordered a new set of cutlery for my lovely wife. Okay, okay…I bought it for myself. The half-hour infomercial was very convincing!

You’ve probably seen it, too…Ron, the inventor of many life-changing products, including the Pocket Fisherman, is presenting another life-changing product to his enthusiastic, and well compensated audience. He confidently proclaims, “Twenty-five pieces of the finest cutlery for only three easy payments of $13.99.”

I found myself saying, “Only three easy payments? Just $13.99? Honestly, I would expect to pay much, much more. That’s less than $2 per item!”

Ron confirms my thoughts. “You would expect to pay much, much more! If purchased separately, this would be a $1200 value! I’m practically giving it away!” And in that moment I was hooked (but not by the Pocket Fisherman because I’m not stupid).

This set offers multiple knives with multiple uses: It has a knife that will cut through a boot and then the ripest tomato. It has a knife that will cut solid steel and then the softest bread. It even has a knife just for making little trees out of green peppers! It is a deal I need to tell everyone about! It is a deal that just doesn’t end. As Ron says, “But wait, there’s more!”

Andrew was another person who found a good deal. Did I say a good deal? No, this is a great deal! He just met Jesus (that is, the Christ). I still marvel that he found such a good thing without the modern convenience of an infomercial. Immediately after his life-changing discovery, he wastes no time and grabs his brother. You can hear him telling Peter all the benefits that await him. “He even offers a life-time guarantee!” Andrew drags Peter down the dusty road and props him up in front of Jesus. And Peter’s life is never the same.

Peter, the Rock who would later crumble.
The one who would walk on water and sink.
The fisherman who would leave his nets.
The disciple who slept while his teacher prayed.
The right hand of Jesus who denied him three times.
And expressed his love and devotion for Jesus three times.
Peter, the disciple asked to feed the sheep.
Yes. That Peter.

We don’t read much about Andrew throughout the rest of the New Testament. He’s really a lost character in the tale. But it is Peter who shines brightest in our memories as a faithful, though flawed, follower of Jesus.

But imagine if Andrew hadn’t shown passion for Christ in those first few moments. What would have happened if Andrew hadn’t taken the lead and dragged Peter along? What if Andrew didn’t introduce his brother to Jesus?

When was the last time you were passionate about Jesus? When was the last time you were passionate about anything?

I am not trying to imply you should become a “Jesus Freak”. But wouldn’t it be amazing if someone experienced God’s Love because your life reflected a deep and sincere passion? It could change their life. It could change the world.

Dear God,
Create in us a burning desire to share your Love with others in a real and genuine way. Kindle a fire in our hearts. Stir up energy in our souls. Allow us to live lives that reflect our love for you and your love for us. AMEN.

copyright 2005 C. Curtis Austin a 2BlackDogs Production

Join us later this week as we examine the Tainted Offering.

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