Editorial Comment – Shades of Gray


I am not so naïve as to think that any issue is as simple as right or wrong, black or white. There are shades of gray related to every problem. But today, I read that the schools in the state of Indiana are going to receive less funding. It is only $6 per kid, per month. But the total loss for the schools will be a reported $51 million next year alone. Budget shortfalls have resulted in financial shuffling and as a result, more money will be taken from the schools and of course, our children. It is no wonder there is a “Brain Drain” in this state.

In related news, the Indianapolis Colts have threatened to take their balls and play somewhere else if a new stadium isn’t built. And lawmakers are doing everything in their power to make it happen. Funding ideas have included increased taxes and slot machines at the horse tracks. Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson is hoping to raise $46 million a year for the next 30 years to pay for the new building.

I can understand the need for a new stadium. After all, a player is only as good as his venue, right? An athlete can only win the big game if they play under the big lights, right? They deserve the best setting and this, of course, will make it possible to get to the Super Bowl, right?

Unfortunately, my children were not allowed to have a second sheet of paper last year if they lost the first. There wasn’t enough money buy paper for copies.

Regrettably, this year the summer band program for 6th graders had to be canceled because there wasn’t enough money to pay the directors.

Thankfully, next year my kids and I can watch Peyton Manning (with a $42 million salary deal) and the Colts play in Indianapolis on Monday Night Football because they’ve been promised a $500 million stadium by 2008.

I know life is not always black or white, right or wrong. But I’m having a hard time explaining this one to my kids. Now if you will excuse me, I have to sell more candy for the PTO. They would like to add some books to the school library.

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