Taking It In

I find that as I age that my sleep patterns are changing. I often wake at three or four in the morning and struggle to get back to sleep. On cool summer mornings, like yesterday, there’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting on my back porch and listening to the world come alive to the first light of day.

Robins herald the coming dawn from high perches. Wrens let everyone know that they are up and the rest of the world should join them. They proclaim it non-stop, at the top of their voice in a warble and trill. Cardinals fly from bush to tree to bush, peeping to one another in the morning glow.

And if I’m fortunate enough to have a clear sky and a full moon, I can enj0y a celestial brilliance that lights my entire yard, reminding me of the greatness of God.

I’m grateful for the break of day.


  1. Love this perspective. It’d be easy to lament over lost sleep, but what a wonderful opportunity to see something so often missed by others. A great reminder to enjoy the little things

  2. Love this. Was just talking with someone else the other day that in the morning the birds seem so much chattier than I remember in years past.

    Perhaps we just needed a reminder of how wonderful nature and God are.

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