Icing On The Cake

[Originally Published December 2013]

My mother-in-law celebrated a big milestone a couple of weeks ago and we joined her this week to make it official. We lit the candles, sang the required song and clapped loudly when she blew them out all with one breath.

In the weeks leading up to the big party, Joan said something that I think warrants a place in the Words of Wisdom Hall of Fame. As she discussed her 80th birthday she made the comment, “Every day after 80 years is just icing on the cake.”

This is true, especially if you are turning 80. But I would also say that the icing is good every day after your 30th birthday, 40th birthday, or your 364th day after your 49th birthday.  The icing is spread thickest when we celebrate each and every day, no matter the number of years or decades that precede it. Or follow it.

Life is best when lived to its fullest without any regrets.  Happy Birthday, Joan and many, many more days of icing to you!

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