The Meaning of Life

You might find that some people have a smile on their face all the time. Perhaps they discovered the meaning of life; or, it’s possible that they’ve finally found the right combination of medications.

You might find that some people are constantly boasting about their newest grand purchase. Perhaps they are showing off their third boat, or their second home, or their sixth car. They may have more money than is good for them; or, they may be longing for something real to fill the void in their life.

You might discover people who are in perfect shape (yes, we all hate them). They spend countless hours running, jogging, and/or biking. They eat just the right amount of protein. They count their calories to three decimal places. They roll their eyes at you when you offer a slice of cake.  They may live longer than us all, or, it might just feel longer.

I’ve decided that the meaning of life isn’t just about how fit we look. It isn’t about our possessions. It is not singularly reflected by the smile on our faces.  It can’t be about just these individual things because that’s shallow.

In truth, the meaning of life is a finely tuned balance of the medications, the money and the especially the cake. Now that’s the true meaning of life.

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