Life is a Gift

There isn’t a rhyme or reason for why any right or wrong occurs in a person’s life. Sometimes you make the right choice and take the win. Other times you find that the dealer has the advantage and even with your best intentions, the house takes the pot. Each day brings a new set of challenges, and there are never any easy answers. More often than not, I’m just happy to come out even.

In my 19,000+ days on this planet, I’ve had some tough times, and I’ve had some great successes. This year goes down in the history books as one of those winners: My health is good. My kids are strong. My marriage is blessed. My house is still standing.

I can honestly say that within my lifetime, I’ve seen some inspiring and jaw-dropping sites; like Masada in Israel, the Vatican Museums at night, and Paris in the morning. I’ve stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon. I’ve stood in the rain and fog of the Smokey Mountains, and I’ve basked in a dry, crystal-clear Arizona sunset. I’ve watched waves lap up on the Mediterranian, Atlantic, and Pacific shores. I’ve counted hundreds of birds over three continents and most exciting of all, witnessed half-a-dozen California Condors flying across the skies of Utah.

But for all the moving sites I’ve seen and the places I’ve been, perhaps best of all, time with my family right here at home has been more meaningful than anything. I love having adult children…and better yet, I love our adult children. Our kids are witty, loving, and gentle. They enjoy one another and any time with them is a gift. Don’t tell them this, but my wife and I are loving the empty nest phase of life. Without worrying about a sitter, we can pick up and go to a movie, for a walk, out to eat, or on a drive whenever we want, no questions asked.

So far, the past 53 years have been pretty fantastic. They haven’t been perfect; no year is. But there isn’t much about these 19,000 days that I would trade.

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