Kroger Near Me

I drove from my home a short distance of 4.8 miles.  It took me less than 10-minutes.  In the time it took to listen to a song from the soundtrack from the movie Chef, I’d parked my car and was pushing a cart in the produce section.

I found a box of fire-logs and a whole chicken.  I added bananas and a box of cereal to the cart.  Within a few short minutes and after walking down a few short aisles, I had everything I needed…and probably a lot more.

I so very grateful for grocery stores.  And I often take this convenience for granted.

I realize there are people around this small planet who do not have this luxury.  They walk miles for fresh water.  If they’re lucky, they eat rice and beans for every meal of every day.

And so as I placed my various items on the conveyor belt today, I said a prayer of thanks but this wonder is available.

For grocery stores close to my home and for food in abundance, I am grateful.

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