New Growth

Spring and early summer are seasons of new growth all around the yard. Trees that have been bare all winter find new leaves budding, and creating a silhouette of full shade as if overnight. Tulips bloom, Irises explode with color, bushes double in size, grass requires constant mowing. New life is obvious everywhere you look. It doesn’t last long but it’s fantastic to behold while its happening.

We have a beautiful pine tree in our backyard. It has hundreds of new fronds; tender, supple and soft to the touch. Each bundle of needles represents everything I love about the spring and the new growth that comes in this season. They begin as innocent green shoots, but as the days progress from spring to summer and into fall, these delicate shoots will harden into a pointy, protective barrier to better guard the tree from invaders and danger.

Summer heat will rage. Autumn frosts will creep in. But Spring…that is the time for brilliant colors, lovely life, and new growth.

For that, I am extremely grateful.


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