DAY 33

The day started harmlessly enough. I was in the office before 7:00 a.m. I made a pot of coffee and poured the rich black goodness.

Then the day really started rolling.

I met a man for lunch. He was just a boy the last time I saw him in 1996. Danny was in my youth group in Muncie. It was a thrill to see him. He is living in Florida and is visiting Indiana for a couple weeks. We tried to catch up on old times but 13 years is tough to fit into a couple hours.

Back to work, I started drafting a blog for the firm website.

On my way home from the office, I drove past the river and saw it for the second time: The Bald Eagle!
I was so excited! I parked my car in some apartments, grabbed my camera and ran through traffic to get to the river. I climbed down the embankment and shot several good pictures.

I then drove to Noblesville Middle School to watch the pep band add excitement to a blow-out game of Junior High girl’s basketball.

What a day.

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