DAY 32

I stopped on the roadway driving to work this morning to snap a picture standing in the snow but I like the elevator much better. At least it is warm here.

My day was very much like every other until my drive home. I saw a Bald Eagle on the river close to my office. I pulled my car into the parking lot, ran across the street, climbed down the embankment and watched it fly from tree to tree. It was the first eagle I’ve seen in the wild (if you call Keystone and the Crossing the wild). I did see one out my office window a few years ago but this felt more natural. During my last viewing they were flying around the parking lot. This was wonderful. Snow on the river banks, ducks and geese swimming in the river, and the eagle perched high above it all.

Now I will play my family a game of Blokus and end my day in peace.

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