DAY 17

We’re nearly three weeks into the Curt Austin 365 experiment and life has taken a boring turn. That’s right…even Curt Austin buys laundry soap.

But what kind of soap does a guy buy? Tide with Bleach? Tide with Downy? Tide with Febreze? Tide for warm water? Tide for cold water? Tide for dedicates? Tide for denim? Tide for carpets? Tide for dogs & cats? So many choices!!

And what if I don’t like Tide? Not to worry…there are so many other options: Cheer, Ultra, Purell, Free & Clear, Clorox.

Move beyond the norm: Maggies Pure Land Soap Nuts, Fels Naptha, Travelon Laundry Soap, Octagon Laundry Soap Bar, and Nellies Laundry Soap.

If you really want clean clothes you need to spend the coin and lay out the $113 for Charlie’s Soap-Laundry Powder.

Or you can live dangerously and pick up a little Beiersdorf-Jobst for $10.

But for my delicates, I choose Woolite.

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