DAY 10

I am in one of my favorite places as I write this. I attend Grace Community Church and for the past 10 years, this has been my church home.

One of my greatest privileges has been to participate in the Worship Design Team for Main Worship. In a church that has several thousand attend each weekend, designing worship that is meaningful and relevant is an awesome responsibility and a great joy.

I’ve never worked with so many thoughtful, creative and talented people. I absolutely love each one around the room. I’m thankful that they’ve let me join them in this season of service. They will never know how much it has meant to me.


  1. hey!! was this last night? 🙂 wow! it was good to see you there, you are definitely one of the creative, thoughtful and talented folks you mentioned!

  2. ya, I was just wondering the same thing. Was that from our last meeting? And I second what Jen said. You are most definitely one of the creative, thoughtful, talented folks you mentioned. It's a joy watching your mind at work!Carmen

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