A Prayer For A New Year

Dear God,

The holidays are over and the long, dark winter begins and I need your strength. I need your grace. I need your wisdom. I need your guidance.

You know me. You know that under my own power, I will make choices that take me farther from you. I will make decisions that will move me from your light and into darkness. You know that I will take steps that will remove me from your presence.

I will eat food that weakens my body.
I will see things that darken my mind.
I will say words that hurt others.
I will have thoughts that wound my soul.
I will experience emotions that have no place in my heart.

And so, Dear Lord, as 2009 begins, I pray that I will know you more. I pray that I will be a man after your heart. Despite my failures and struggles, I pray for your grace. I seek your wisdom. I desire your guidance.


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