How To Make New Year’s Resolutions For Dummies

The dawn of a new year always causes me to spend a few minutes in reflection on my actions in the old year. I suppose it is natural that this leads to some regret. But in the end, it all is about developing a renewed commitment to do better, to be better, to live life better, to make better choices that make a positive impact on myself and those I love.

As I often do, I want to share some of my thoughts, my inner struggles, and my plan to make my life a model of perfection for the coming year. And so, I give to you my 2009 Observations, Confessions, and Resolutions.

In the next few paragraphs, I intend to bare my soul, expose my heart, reveal my inner self. Hold on tight, this could get pretty rocky and I promise it won’t be pretty.

OBSERVATION #1: It does not seem possible that this blog has been up and running for more than four years. You have all been lucky because in that time, I’ve written some interesting articles about life. I’ve inspire, I prompted, I’ve motivated. I’ve made you laugh and I’ve made you cry. I’ve made you think. And isn’t that what writing should do?

CONFESSION: I’ve also written some real garbage that has nothing to do with anything, wasting my time and yours.

OBSERVATION #2: In four years, I’ve posted pictures of exotic locations, dear family friends, and my deeply-loved family. The images that appear on the screen cause you to stop and ponder God’s creation, pray for a familiar face, laugh at a moment captured with the flash of a shutter (which is now replaced by some sort of digital mechanism that I really don’t understand. I think it is magic). These pictures are Art in its truest form. They have color and space. They have composition. They have texture and movement. They have a deeper meaning that becomes more evident with each viewing (and I invite you to view them as much as you want…they are all on sale in the gift store).

CONFESSION: I’ve also posted pictures of bathroom floors, late night parties, stupid faces, cats, dogs, chickens, buckets, baseballs, snow, pigeons, and early morning coffee.

OBSERVATION #3: I spend hours working on posts, pictures, sayings, phrases, jokes, insights, poetry, prose, and posture. I awake every morning at 4:30 a.m., make a pot of coffee, and sit down at my computer. I do this…why do I do this? I guess I do this just to make sure I have something to put on this stupid site. I write, I draw, I edit…and for what? What good has this done me after four stinking years? And now I go start this CurtAustin365? Are you kidding me? Am I really so committed to this blog that I’m willing to write a new post each and every day for the next year? What was I thinking?

I have no life, what-so-ever.

RESOLUTION: I vow to eat more chocolate. I love that stuff.

There. I feel better. I hope this little confession-fest helped you as much as it did me.

Please pass the chocolate and feel free to visit my new site: CurtAustin365.

Thanks and Happy New Year.

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