You Like Me…You Really Like Me

It is a proud moment for me and I humbly accept this great honor.

It was a long season and I want to thank all my competitors. Without you, I wouldn’t be in first place right now and couldn’t have won this beautify trophy. Without you, I wouldn’t have won the dex Gaming Fantasy Football League, More Pie Please Division.

Sure, I easily went 8-0 and that first loss was heart-breaking but I got back on my horse and won again the next week.

At 9-1, I felt that I was taking all the fun out of the sport for the rest of my fine co-players and threw the next three games. I’d already locked up a playoff position, won my division (More Meat Please) and could sit back in the comfort of my easy chair and watch the remaining players’ unfolding strategies. I was especially interested in the More Pie Please Division’s games which seemed distant and odd but in a fun sort of way, like watching your uncle Ed eat that 4th piece of pie. You wonder how he does it and are those his arteries you hear crying out each cheese cake loaded, whip creamed bite, their tiny little voices all screaming for help with one cholesterol clogged plea for help?

With the division win, came the first round playoff bye. I was concerned that I might lose my touch, after so many weeks of allowing others to win. I’ll be honest, I thought I may have made a mistake in my game plan as I watched my kicker, David Akers have to work all by himself on Monday night. But David understood my predicament and came to my rescue, giving the Noblesville Migraines the two points to lock in another win.

After that victory, I was convinced that winning the final match would be no problem.

While it was Jonathan and his Healers who gave me the final victory, I want to thank you all for making it possible. Without you all I could never win so easily and win so BIG.

I vow to you that I will not gloat throughout the postseason, next year’s preseason or during the 2009-2010 live draft. I also promise to keep this fine trophy in a safe place. Having won it last year and again this year, and confident of more victories in the many seasons to come, I built a trophy cabinet as a home for this beautiful award (It also holds my 2nd place Choral & Ensemble Red Ribbon from 1982, my 1st place 4H Pullet trophy from 1976, and my boutonniere from my 1981 Prom).

You have all made me very happy. Thank you. Thank you, so much. From the bottom of my little football heart, I say Thank you.

I wish you all the Season’s Blessings and a Very Merry Christmas.

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