I don’t really remember being this young. I don’t remember the wagon. I don’t remember the street. I certainly don’t remember the suspenders.

Some times life happens when we are present and it makes an impact but its memory leaves us.

With my son attending his freshman year at IU, I’ve thought a lot more about my own college experience. I have asked my mother about my choices, my actions, my decisions. Some things that happened in college are very vivid in my mind. But there are other things, like, did I call home when I stayed on campus or did mom and dad just wonder where I might be that night? I really don’t remember. I couldn’t tell you.

What about the way I treated people in my classes? Was I a jerk? Was I aloof?

What about the girls I dated? Was I insensitive? Was I hurtful?

What about the jobs I worked? Was I consistent and hard working?

It is all gone. I remember Eric Wendorf and Roger Bess but I do not remember the words we spoke.

I remember Kathy and Chris but I don’t remember exactly how it ended between us.

I remember Taco Grande’ but honestly cannot rememer giving my two week’s notice.

These people, these places, these moments shapped me. They made me who I am to day. My interactions brought me to this place and this time and they are shadows in my mind. Like a checkered shirt on a warm summer’s day, they are a part of my life that are faded by time and space.

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