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After only three days of non-stop campaigning, I already have a well-defined electoral base. Perhaps you are one of the three or four people who have yet to hear about my run for State Senator of the 20th District of the Great State of Indiana. You can read all about it at my earlier post.

That’s right! People are actually starting to weigh in on my run to the senate. Let me share a few of the nice things people are saying…

Even Uncle Sam is spreading the word!!

“Curt, this is a great idea. I am willing to drive from Tennessee to write in your name.”
“I’ll vote for you, no matter how bad this idea may be.”
“Will you stop kissing my baby?”
“I am an illegal Canadian immigrant but you have my vote.”
“You’ve probably broken multiple election laws.”
“You’ll spend time in Federal Prison if you take any money and I have the proof right here on my computer.”
“This is a joke, right? No? Seriously, is this a joke?”
“I’ll be your Director for the Department of Health.”
“Get your sign out of my yard.”
“Stop calling me.”
“Bring home bread and milk.”
“I know the guy you are running against and he’s really mad. Not mad angry…mad crazy.”

As you can see, I am a lock for this trusted position and I want to thank you all for your support.

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