A View From the Window

I’m watching my neighbor run past my house. She doesn’t know that I’m looking down from the second floor window, coffee in hand, Bible open on the desk. She has her dogs on the leash and she trots past, giving them exercise and relieving her own daily stress.

It is interesting to note that eight years ago, she would occasionally walk past our home, more of a stroll, really. She had no drive in her step. There was no purpose in her walk. She was wandering the street to breathe in the fresh air. She would enjoy the sunshine. She would stop to listen to the birds.

But the woman who just jogged through the field of view from my window is not the same person. This woman has lost some weight. She has a bike carrier on the back of her eco-friendly car. She is up every weekend running, biking, jogging, walking. And she walks with purpose. She walks with intention. She is going places and has a reason for getting there.

I must say that I am impressed. Something happened to this woman several years ago. I don’t know what it was…we aren’t close enough to discuss real life stuff. But something changed. She went from a casual stroll to a focused run. She is fit and, from my limited viewpoint, happier. She obviously enjoys this life-style and the change that has come with it.

So, it made me think. I do that some times: think. It made me think about all the areas in my life that could change with some intention. Yes, it would take some work. Yes, it would require some discipline. Yes, I would have to sweat. Of course, I would have to be consistent. But if the goal was there and it was clear and I took that first step perhaps everything would change. Or at the least, I might find that I have satisfaction in that area of my life.

Do you have those areas? Perhaps it is losing weight. Maybe saving for a vacation. It might be saying nice things to your spouse once a day. What if it is writing a letter to someone you love? How about reading books for pleasure? Weeding your garden? Making sure the oil in your car is changed every 3,000 miles? Or if you are really brave, what about cleaning out that junk drawer?

Okay. I have my list of things that need a first step to a different place. What is yours?

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