A Big Weekend

Local DJ’s looking for some free advertising outside the new stadium.

I know it doesn’t rank with the end of World War I or II. I am pretty sure it will not be mentioned in the history books along with the fall of the Berlin Wall. I am certain that the opening ceremonies of the Beging Olympics may have received slightly more fanfare. But the first game played in Lucas Oil Stadium was a big event for our family. The game, while important for the football players and their families, was not nearly as impressive as the half-time show (in which my own son played a pivotal role).

So we packed some cheese, meat, bread, and drinks. We drove down town on a Friday night and made the best football meal you could ask for!

Tailgating at the first football game in Lucas Oil Stadium. Anita fixed us some great food for the fun event!
Yes, there was excitement. Sure people mentioned the first touchdown, the first injury, the first National Anthem but we can all agree that the first half-time show carries some impressive weight to the event. After enduring a long first half, the real purpose of our trip marched on the field.

The Noblesville Marching Millers moved from a 24th finish in the 2007 State Fair Band Day to an impressive 14th place this year. This is Ben’s first year in marching band and I think you will agree, his performance made that 10 point jump possible!


The Marching Miller’s perform the half-time show at the first football game ever played in the Lucas Oil Stadium!

We all had a good time. The Sardars joined us for the event and we had lower level seats with a great view. There was plenty of leg room and $8.50 hamburgers (which we did NOT buy but enjoyed from a distance). There wasn’t any paper towels in the bathroom but the big screens in each corner of the stadium allowed us to watch every move in crystal clear digital picture and sound! I even had the privileged of receiving the signature of Forest Lucas (the Lucas of Lucas Oil) on my program!

Emily, Rebekah and Jonathan enjoy the game and the music!

In truth, there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. Even from the upper terrace, the view is stunning. The colors on the seats and on the field are brilliant. Oh, sure, when your team gets beat by 25 points, the glitter wears thin. But this was a first. And we were a part of the FIRST game, the FIRST touchdown, and the FIRST half-time show. We had a great time!

A view of the stadium from the upper deck.

Of course, this weekend of firsts would not be complete if we didn’t attend the first weekend service in the new auditorium at our church, Grace Community. It was a wonderful experience with moving worship and the joy of sitting with good friends. We went to the 7:30 p.m. service and I enjoyed the time more than I can say.

And then, on Sunday morning, we woke early, loaded the van and started the two-hour journey to Indiana University campus to deliver Jonathan for his first semester of college. Surprisingly, we unloaded his things in a matter of minutes. It is amazing how few belongings an 18-year-old possesses! It is a good thing! A room that size doesn’t offer much space for storage.

After an hour or so of unpacking, a quick lunch in the door food court, and a drive-through tour of the campus, we prepared to say goodbye. As we hugged my oldest son, my first-born, my baby boy, each one shed a tear. In fact, some of us fell apart once in the car. Not me, of course, because I’m the dad and I don’t show emotion…I cried last night after the lights were out.

Jonathan unpacks all his worldly belongings and readies himself for a new adventure.
And so, our weekend of firsts came to an end. It was a mixture of celebration and joy, music and cheers, tears and goodbyes. If it is alright with you, I’d like to take a break from some firsts. One weekend is enough for me.

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