That’s What Friends Are For

I realized this weekend that I’ve been missing a big part of my life. Graduation, working overtime, summer colds, and vacation schedules have made it difficult to share in regular times with my good friends.
We’ve been members of a wonderful group of people for nearly 3 years (maybe it’s four, perhaps five…I’ve lost count). Over the 3, 4, or 5 years, we’ve laughed together and cried together. We’ve helped some move and others settle. We’ve held hands and prayed for one another. We’ve sat quietly and listened intently as others share hurts from their hearts and painful memories from their past. We’ve drank wine and eaten pizza…a LOT of pizza.
But in it all, I’ve learned that we are more than friends. We are family.
And I’ve missed them. Really, since about March, our group has missed out on some good time. One person is gone or sick. Another has a conflict with the kids. One couple’s friends are in town or another couple needs some “alone time”. It is always something. And in the midst of all life’s activities, we’ve created a hole that all of life’s activities have failed to fill.
I don’t know if you have that same bond with others. It is a precious gift and hard to come by.
Just today a neighbor shared that she and her husband miss the opportunity to spend time with other couples in a meaningful way. When she said this, her words rang true, even in my own life.
Sure, we have friends and I appreciate each and every one.
Of course, we are busy. I don’t have a spare minute at any point in my day.
But I need those special moments with those I call family and friend: Those I love. I miss them when they are not there.
So this is a challenge to those of you who need your friends…your family. Call them. Pick up the phone and tell them how much you need them. Believe me, you will both benefit.


  1. I caught up with some rarely seen but really good girl friends over the weekend myself and you are right…we do need them. We have vowed to try and see each other more and have started planning our next outing already.

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