Life Is An Art

As an artist, there are very few of my own pieces that mean a lot to me. But this one is different. This is one that charted many of my future works throughout my college years.
While studying art at Ball State University, intaglio became my area of specialty and this was my very first print. I like everything about it. I enjoy the subject, the layout, and the techniques. While it isn’t any Rembrandt, it still reminds me of a time when my skills were rough, my knowledge was limited, but my eagerness to learn was unparallelled.
Amazingly, I’m in the same place today as I was in 1982 when I started college. The difference is that today’s challenges have more to do with my attempts at writing, the constant changes in my family, and the ongoing effort to understand God’s love for me despite my own failures.
I have always been amazed by life’s journey and where it takes us. Whether a difficult path or easy sailing, the changing landscape is the most exciting part of the trip. Each new experience, every new friend, each new day offers the opportunity to learn new techniques and beautiful skills that help us face tomorrow’s challenges in better and more colorful ways.
Life is an art. What lines are you drawing? What pictures are you painting? What photographs are you taking? What decisions are you making? What relationships are you building? What prayers are you praying?

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  1. I am praying for a young woman. She is out of state this week ministering to others with great need. I am asking God to direct and guide as I watch her change and grow. Sometimes art requires quiet observation.

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