There’s A Hole In The Bucket

There is a pipe that runs from my neighbor’s home, under the street, and twenty feet below my sidewalk. Unfortunately, the pipe isn’t completely functional at this time and this has a certain impact on those around.

In other words, my neighbor’s sewer is all plugged up and the problem starts and ends on my side of the street.
Plumbing is NEVER a fun topic. Unless you work for Roto-Rooter, there is nothing appealing about playing in the sewer. I certainly don’t enjoy it. I have a pipe wrench and can cut PVC with the best of them but this problem is bigger than any plunger. You know there are issues when city workers arrive at your door, dig a hole the size of a swimming pool next to your drive way, and leave a backhoe parked in your front yard.


  1. That is seriously messing up your beautiful lawn…but I guess this is cutting down on the fertilizer bill. I think you need to go to the Indy Jazz Fest this weekend. Some jazz and the old White River should help you forget about the cesspool in your front yard.

  2. The lawn might actually look better in the long run. I’m going to see if they will plant a nice flower garden in that spot. A bunch of flowers, some small shrubs, perhaps even a garden bench for weary walkers would look lovely there.

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