We Just Had An Earth Quake

Seriously! I’m sitting on my couch, in Noblesville, Indiana, getting ready to post some pictures of my trip to France, when the entire house begins to shake. For a moment, I thought someone was behind my couch shaking it! I could hear the walls creaking and my coffee started to slosh out of my cup!

It was like I was on a boat, being shifted from side to side by a force beneath me.

Just thought I should let you know, in case Indiana breaks away from the continental shelf.
This is a picture of us before disaster struck.

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  1. I slept through the great earthquake of 2008. I did enjoy looking through your pictures of Normandy! Isn’t Europe so cool? I’m glad my brother is a missionary & I got to visit him! I think you know Shane.With love from one of your first kisses,Jackie

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