Philippians 1:3

“I thank my God every time I remember you.”

This is a verse that touches my heart and is a reflection my life.

For instance, my friend Dave called the other day and we spoke of our children, spring break, and my upcoming trip to Europe. What was left unspoken was the deep and abiding love and respect I have for him, his wife, and their children. He may never fully know how much they all mean to me and my family. But God does.

Our small group fellowship meets every couple of weeks to share in laughter and tears. Through study and prayer we have grown closer to understanding one another. We have also come closer to experiencing the very nature of God through our time together. The group is comprised of a doctor and a nurse. An engineer and an architect. An assistant principle, a student and a teacher. We come from various backgrounds, multiple occupations, and diverse experiences but we all share one thing: Love for one another. No matter how many times I tell them, they will never completely understand what this relationship has done to restore and heal my wounded heart.

There are so many others who move and shape my life for whom I am daily giving thanks as I think of them…

My Pastor and his wife who serve their congregation with enthusiasm and love.
Our neighbors, some of whom I understand and others who I still find a mystery.
The two men who allowed us to come to Europe with them.
My wife who has patience and love that seems unending.
My children who lift my soul just with the sound of their voices.
The children living with us this week as their missionary parents continue to change the world.

Each of these dear ones and so many more fill my heart with joy and love each and every day.

Thank you, Dear Jesus, for these who move in and around my life making it richer, fuller, more like you with each passing day.


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